Inspired by the Grindhouse Cinema from the 1960’s and 1970’s, ULTRA TRASH creates strictly limited shirts based on FAKE EXPLOITATION FILMS. The packages include the shirt (printed inside and outside), a poster of the movie and other features. 

The GRINDHOUSE is an american term for a theater that mainly shows EXPLOITATION FILMS. These films characteristically contain large amount of sex, violence or bizarre subject matter.
Work from Stefan Hübsch for the brand “Ultra Trash” between 2011 an 2013. 
“California Death Trip 3-D” Poster (2013)
“Death By Machete” Poster (2013)
“Revenge Of The Biker Babes” Poster (2013)
“Bleached-Blonde She-Wolves / Monsters Of The Deep” Double Feature Poster (2012)
“Let Them Suffer” Poster (2012)
“Black Betty” Poster (2012)
“A Redneck With Two Sawed-Off Shotguns” Poster (2012)
“Farewell And Go-Go To Hell” Poster (2011)
“Everyone Fucking Dies!” Poster (2011)
“The Dark Days Of Death Valley Girls” Poster (2011)
“A California Death Trip” Poster (2011)
“California Death Trip 3-D” Silk Print Image (2013)
“Death By Machete” Silk Print Image (2013)
“Revenge Of The Biker Babes” Silk Print Image (2013)
“Bleached-Blonde She-Wolves / Monsters Of The Deep!” Double Feature Silk Print Image for an hoodie (2012)
“Let Them Suffer” Silk Print Image (2012)
“Black Betty” Silk Print Image (2012)
“Farewell And Go-Go To Hell” Silk Print Image (2011)
“Everyone Fucking Dies!” Silk Print Image (2011)
“The Dark Days Of Death Valley Girls” Silk Print Image (2011)
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